dimanche 9 août 2015

"Kids driving a robot" Drawing afternoon / "Enfant pilotant un robot" après midi dessin

Spending the Sunday afternoon with some "Pencil pal" drawing from the head on it.
The theme was "Kids driving a robot".

 What an amazing and funny exercice ! 

jeudi 6 août 2015

Personal Projects

In order to push me a step further in my working process,
 I've decided to share with you the first steps of three of my personal work.

Hope you'll enjoy it, I will be back with more study and other color harmony.
Critics and comments are welcome, feel free to contact me at: julienoroma@gmail.com

Thanks for watching and sharing 

mardi 4 août 2015


Here's a bunch of doodles I made during July:

Probably my 2015's film "Madmax Fury Road"! 
This sort of film... When you see it... 
 That's when you know that good cinema resist and is not dead yet!   ;)

Study I made during my cousin's  wedding.

Don't remember why or how this little guys come from, I just remember Moebius, Saint Nicholas (a European tradition) and a mix between a horse and a T-rex...

Thanks for watching